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I am a highly motivated interior designer with extensive customer service experience, a background in creating fine art, and a passion for being a part of the design process.


I was tasked to redesign an office space for Beech-nut Advertising Department located in Dallas, Texas.

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As an interior design student at Dallas College, I was asked to design many different projects based on our clients needs.

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The "Experiment" Collection

Sometimes, going through the motions and doing the same old thing is not enough. Sometimes, you just have to pick up a canvas and start something completely new.

-See something you like?-

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original resin paintings made using acrylics, epoxy resin, and gold leaf

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Hi Friend

I'm Tate Fairbanks, and I am an abstract nature artist. Ever since I was a young girl, I found inspiration through nature. Whether that was from staring out at the rolling hills of England while driving to primary school, skiing in the Rocky Mountain Range, or hiking the peaks of Grand Teton National Park with my husband, I love collecting memories of the beauty all around us for inspiration.


If you have ever gone out in nature with me, you know...

About the Artist

Learn about me as an artist and designer.


Follow along with me and show your support as I try new things and share the resin process.


Learn more about who I am and my creative process. 


Let's work together to make something that is perfect for you!

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Stewart, Christina

I love my piece contrived by Tate. Her creativity and talent are a marvel. The blend of colors and techniques are so mesmerizing that one can only stop and stare. I'm endlessly happy with her work and I highly recommend all art forms from TSC Gallery.

plum coasters.png

Westenskow, Kate

I love these coasters! They are the perfect size, and they are so cute. I love the colors and patterns and that each one is unique! We use them all the time!


Mcleod, Kimberly

We got the cutest custom drawing from Tate of our baby girl with her birth weight, height, and date. It was so exciting to frame and hang such a memorable day in a modern, simple style that easily fits into our space. It is showcased in our playroom, but would easily fit in our living room, nursery, or any hallway of our home. Tate went out of her way to make sure we were satisfied offering wonderful customer service. Definitely will be ordering from her again!

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