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the matthew residence

The approach to the Matthew’s Residence is influenced by a worldly feel throughout the home. Their love for contemporary and modern styles will have a concomitant of clean lines and symmetry. When the natural light is beaming into the kitchen while the couple is enjoying their built-in Smeg  it will remind them of a coffee bistro they once explored on their trip to Italy. A highlight of  the white, gray and black colors of the quartz countertops, backsplash, and cabinets leaves the couple remembering a staircase they once saw in Versailles. While conversing at their beautiful, dark stained oak dining table they will enjoy the ambiance of the warmth emanating from the dual sided marbled quartz fireplace that will prompt a memory of their time spent in the Swiss Alps enjoying their après ski. Beautiful artwork and shelving will be placed throughout the living, dining, and kitchen to spotlight the artistic and well-traveled side of the happy couple. Their grandchildren after playing in their cozy playroom will gather around the piano nook where the Matthew’s are reminded of their time spent playing jazz music in New Orleans. In the bedroom behind a built-in closet door inspired by a Japanese shoji screen door will feature not only a place for clothes storage but also a place to showcase their collection from all their travels.

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What projects are you hoping to create?


Thoughtful, and unique interiors that showcase beautiful artworks, add character to homes, and represent the client’s style and mine.

How would you describe your design philosophy?


As someone who has visited and lived in many different countries and cultures, I have seen first-hand the idiosyncratic interactions of humans and interiors. For instance, in the Netherlands, I noticed the significance of having a small storage area to put a bike because of how common it is to ride bikes there. Having the understanding that each interior space will uniquely impact the user is key to how I approach the design process.

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