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Hi! I'm Tate Fairbanks, and I am an abstract nature artist and interior designer. Ever since I was a young girl, I found inspiration through nature. Whether that was from staring out at the rolling hills of England while driving to primary school, skiing in the Rocky Mountain Range, or hiking the peaks of Grand Teton National Park with my husband, I love collecting memories of the beauty all around us for inspiration.

If you have ever gone out into nature with me, you know that I am always 20 yards behind the group gathering rocks, leaves, and wildflowers, filling my pockets and hands full of things that both inspire and help create my artwork.


Even as a young girl, I always considered myself to be an artist.  I obsessed over coloring books and art supply kits and loved working with my mom on "Mod Podge" projects and making paper mache masks. 

I have explored my artistic side in several ways throughout my life–from attending cosmetology school after high school to working as a freelance artist–but I could never quite find a dream job in those fields. A few years ago, I discovered interior design and quickly realized it was the perfect career for me. It combines my love of creativity with my passion for organization and completing projects. I have spent the last two years working as a design assistant and earning an associate degree in interior design. I am excited to continue working with a team to create beautiful, functional spaces.

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