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The McCotter residence will showcase a warmhearted, intimate, and sophisticated ambiance throughout the home. The soft earthy tones found in light wood floors, folksy paint colors, and a fresh cream stone kitchen highlight the down to earth couple, while also showing the refinement and driven work ethic of two people working and studying. The warmth from wood beam ceilings and muted terracotta tile will provide a warm welcome to any of their visitors. Sustainable materials and sun tunnel skylights will be featured bringing the warmth of natural light, good health, and comfort into the residence.  A spacious, organized kitchen, and polished office space will make the perfect home for the next four years of growth for the McCotter family.

When people experience your work, how do you want them to feel?


I want them to feel tranquil, and soothed while also inspiring them to be productive. It should energize and lift them up while also keeping them grounded.

What is your favorite stage of a project?


The schematic phase of design is my favorite because I can start to put my ideas on paper through sketches and mood boards to convey to the client the design concept. I love bringing a project to life through specifying colors, furniture, and textures in this phase.

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